Florida Theme Park Parking

Parking an RV
Parking an RV

Many of the theme parks in Florida have enormous parking lots and when you arrive you will usually be directed into one of the lanes.

If you arrive late in the evening, say to watch the fireworks, then you may just be able to park where ever you can find a space.

From the parking lot is it usually only a short walk to a tram pick up point where you can then catch a tram to the main park entrance.

The main exception is the multi-storey parking garages at the Universal Orlando Resort where moving walkways take you to and from Citywalk and the entrance to the parks.

Most parking lots are divided up into zones with one or more tram stops per zone.

Each lane typically has a number painted on the ground at the end of the lane nearest the tram stop.

Special Tip

One of the best ways to remember where you parked is to take a photo of the zone and lane markers with your digital camera or cell (mobile) phone. That way it is easy to retrace your steps if you forget where you parked.

Do remember which lane you have parked in, as it is all too easy to forget exactly where you parked (trust me!!) and then spend ages hunting for your car amongst thousands of other cars that all look the same (especially if it is a rental) When boarding the tram, the attendant or driver will remind you which zone and lanes they are picking up from.

Make sure you place small children in the middle of the rows and not on the ends of the rows. Also, fold up any strollers (pushchairs) before boarding.

If you leave the park during the day and intend to return later on, keep your ticket as you can re-use it the same day when you return and you do not have to pay again.

This applies especially when park-hopping at Walt Disney World; a parking ticket bought in one Disney park is good for any of the other Disney parks on the day of issue.

Some parks offer valet parking and/or preferred parking; i.e. close to the entrance. This information is listed in our theme park parking price guide (see below).

When budgeting for your vacation, do remember to include the cost of parking. Though some of the smaller parks do not charge for parking, many others charge up to $20 a day which soon adds up. One of the perks of an annual pass is that they often offer free parking and reduced charges for preferred or valet parking.

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