Astronaut Training Experience (ATX)

Astronaut Training Experience building prior to opening
Astronaut Training Experience building prior to opening

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is moving its Astronaut Training Experiences (ATX) from the former home of the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame a few miles away to the main Kennedy complex as it switches from the earlier Space Shuttle inspired missions to deep space Mars based missions.

The new ATX building is located in a new space next to the upcoming Mars Rover exhibit and the new entrance to the Kennedy Bus Tours, where the Early Space Exploration and the Angry Birds Space Encounter used to be.

When completed the new ATX will feature three simulators and a Mars Base Camp 1. Activities will last from less than an hour to an entire day.

The first two new missions, Mars Exploration Simulators and Spacewalk Training last 45 and 30 minutes and cost $40 and $30 (plus tax) respectively. The all-day Mars Base 1 experience costs $175 (plus tax).

Guests must be 10 years or older and you also need a normal Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex admission ticket.

On each experience, guests work in teams taking it in turns to perform the various activities.

There are two full-motion rover simulators that can even spin guests upside down plus another simulator that mimics a spacewalk as you attempt to perform maintenance tasks on part of the International Space Station.

During the “Walk on Mars” experience, guests use virtual reality headsets and controllers to complete various tasks including collecting rock and soil samples.

Tickets for the first two new ATX missions will be on sale in mid January with an official opening scheduled for February 6, 2018.

Mars Exploration Simulator Training Stage

On this mission you train as a pilot or commander to land on Mars and then drive and walk on the Martian surface through the use of both physical and virtual simulators.

Spacewalk Training Stage

The spacewalk mission trains you for an Extravehicular Activity spacewalk in a microgravity chair which provides a frictionless environment.

Mars Base 1

Mars Base 1 is an all-day (7 hour) experience giving new astronauts the chance to live and work in a simulated Martian environment performing real life science experiments and engineering tasks. After landing on Mars, guests get the chance to work in a number of laboratories including the Mars Engineering Lab and the Mars Botany Lab.

Two, three and five day space camp programs will also be available.

Check the various ticket options for the Astronaut Training Experiences.

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