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By James | Last updated May 22, 2024

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Who we are and why we run Florida Review

Hey there, well, I’m James, the website editor for Florida Review. It’s great to have you here. Having been to Florida many times, I’ve grown up loving the state of Florida, the weather, and the parks! My experience with the area has been increasing year after year, and this platform allows me to share my experience and knowledge with anyone wishing to visit Florida. I took over this website in 2023 from the previous owner and helped bring freshness and a new audience with the changes. We have a couple of friends and family working to support the website, and it’s with great pleasure that we can help you and your family prepare for your next Florida holiday.

This website aims to provide a good foundation of knowledge about Florida, the events that are taking place, and the action-packed theme parks. The theme parks, Disney World and Universal Studios, have always been my favorite when I visit Orlando. In the UK, we have Alton Towers and Drayton Manor, to name a few, but they don’t match the excitement of the parks in Orlando. There’s more to see and do in Orlando; you have better weather, and everything is on a different scale. If you’re planning your trip to Orlando this year, check out our theme park guides, ways to save money on tickets, and recommendations for hotels to help you along the way.

Blogging Background

I have been personally blogging for many years; I would say as early as 2010, launching some of my early websites as a learning platform to explore. Along with these early experiences, I have learned a lot about SEO and improving my writing skills. I’m a regular poster in blog forums and engage a lot in the Florida community forums to help future holidaymakers. I want to expand the website further, lean more into the social channels, and launch a YouTube series.

What to Expect from Our Florida Travel Blog

We’ve tried to cover all bases around Florida, with a good focus on the popular theme parks, but also paying attention to some of Florida’s key events, such as the Florida Airshows and the Space Launches. Disney World has a soft part in my heart, so there’s a lot of information about the different parks. Our Disney World Theme Park Page is a great place to get started with anything relating to Disney World. Here, you’ll find some of our top pages, such as Disney Hotel Recommendations, choosing the right Disney tickets and getting the best deals, and individual park guides.

We also have a similar range of posts for Universal Studios. So, a good place to start again for Universal is our dedicated Universal Studios Resort guide. Here, we explore all the parks with guides, Universal ticket options, and some of the latest news from the parks. We aim to keep all our posts up-to-date so that you don’t miss out on exciting updates.

Aside from the main tourist attractions, we also aim to give first-time holidaymakers information on traveling to Florida, such as how to get around, the best time to visit Florida, car rentals, and places to stay. We also share guides on the different areas outside of Orlando, such as Tallahassee, Florida Keys, and Miami.

History of Florida Review

Let’s look back at some of the historic web views from the website for those who may have visited the website in its early years or for anyone who may find the changes interesting:

March 2005

Let’s look at the site in the very early days of launching, all the way back to March 2005!

Florida Review back in March 2005
Florida Review back in March 2005

Florida Review in December 2013

We went ahead 8 years from the launch to December 2013 with some big updates, lots of new posts, and a slightly new design. The logo doesn’t change until 2024.

Florida Review December 2013
Florida Review December 2013

Florida Review in 2020

Fast forward to 2020 when the website design has changed into a more modern design from the previous page. This website was actually designed in Drupal, which was later converted into WordPress in late 2023, where you can see the current design in place today.

Florida Review in October 2020
Florida Review in October 2020

What Makes Florida Review Unique

We’re a well-established travel blog with years of knowledge spread throughout the site. We focus on sharing this knowledge with Florida tourists and residents. We don’t just offer the standard ‘best places to see’ or ‘best things to do’ posts; we try to bring facts into our posts, offering real guides and years of experience in everything we post.

Our site has constantly evolved over the years, and we aim to keep it fresh, fast, and efficient for our users to use. We’ve worked on optimizing all of our images, introduced fast-loading pages with the help of optimizing plugins, and converted to using easy navigation menus to improve the user experience. We might not be perfect this year, but we always want to improve. If you have some ideas we could implement, please get in touch with us; we would be happy to listen.

How to Follow Florida Review

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However, please note that we do not take hotel or cruise reservations, handle car rentals, sell theme park tickets or book flights ourselves; these are all handled by our partners. Please contact them directly if you have any queries about booking.

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