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Florida Electronic Books (e-books)

Amazon who are the largest online seller of books have stated that they are currently selling more e-books for their Kindle reader than they are printed books, both paperback and hardback combined. In the near future it is anticipated that Amazon will be selling two e-books for every print book sold.

Whilst most of the Kindle books are traditional paperbacks and daily newspaper subscriptions, a significant number of Florida related travel books are now available on Kindle. Because of the relative ease of publishing an e-book, a large number of titles from independent authors are also appearing for the Kindle that are not available in hard print format from the mainstream publishers.

Some of the big publishers like Frommer's, Lonely Planet and the Rough Guide have embraced the new technology and are now offering Kindle editions. Prices are generally lower than the print copy but as editions are superseded each year, you may still be able to pick up older printed books for less than their electronic equivalent.

The current Kindle device can only display in black and white unlike some of its rivals such as the similar Barnes and Noble Nook device but a future version of Kindle is likely to support full colour.

The new tablet computers such as the iPad and Android competitors are also able to act as book readers. The Kindle's clever "electronic ink" display means the Kindle is much easier to read in bright light conditions compared to other devices but the display can be slow to refresh.

Don't forget that Kindle books can also be synced and read on other devices like regular PCs and Macs, the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, through a free reader application.

Love them or hate them, e-books are here to stay. On the plus side, an e-book reader can store many books inside its slim footprint but they are not always as easy to use. It depends very much on how the clever the publishers are when converting a printed book to electronic format.

With a printed book, you can flick backwards and forwards very easily to refer to a map for example or check an entry in the index but this is not always the case with an e-book. Some first generation e-books can feel a bit clunky compared to their printed cousins.

All our book reviews now state whether the book is also available for Kindle.