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Florida Highlights

Best highlights of the year

2011 Florida Highlights

Legoland Project X [© 2015 Chip Litherland Photography Inc.]

One of the great things about Florida as a holiday destination is that things are always changing. Attractions come and go but there is always something new happening.

Preliminary statistics show that visitor numbers are up on 2010, as Florida slowly picks itself back up following the economic downtown.

2010 Florida Highlights

Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village

Early indications are that 2010 could see a bit of an economic turn around but it is likely to take until the second half of the year before this happens. In the meantime, the major parks are continuing to offer discounts particularly on their vacation packages.

The biggest attraction planned for 2010 is the opening of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

On the downside, 2010 could see the very last launch of the Space Shuttle. If NASA are able to stick to their mission plan then all the shuttle missions will be completed by the end of 2010.

2009 Florida Highlights

Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit just after launch

It looks likely that visitor numbers to Florida will stagnate in 2009 in light of the current economic crisis but at least gas (petrol) prices have fallen.

Either way, Florida has a lot to offer and on this page you will find some of the new happenings planned for Florida in 2009.

2008 Florida Highlights

Whanau Way & Omaka Rocka [© CC BY 2.0 Jeremy Thompson]

Visitor numbers for Florida seem to have picked up again and despite a reduction in overseas visitors and a big rise in gas (petrol) prices, numbers overall are up.

For the last two years, the weather was generally kinder than forecast, so people who might have been put off by hurricanes are starting to come again.

2007 Florida Highlights

Blue Man Group opens at Universal Orlando® Resort in June 2007 © Universal Orlando. All Rights Reserved.

Early estimates of tourist numbers for 2007 were that overall numbers might fall or at best remain fairly static after a poor first quarter with visitor numbers down by 1.6%. Reasons given include reduced advertising in real terms by the Florida tourist boards and worries about the weather which could cause potential visitors to look elsewhere.

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