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US Terminology

As the playright George Bernard Shaw once said:-

"England and America are two countries divided by a common language."

One of the best examples of this was whilst riding on the Disney Monorail. The announcer said we would be stopping 'momentarily' which we took to mean we would stop FOR a short while, but what she meant was we would be stopping IN a short while.

antenna aerial (car)
apartment flat
ATM cashpoint machine
attorney lawyer
automobile car
back up reverse (a car)
band aid plaster, Elastoplast
bath bathroom
bathroom toilet
bill note (currency)
bleacher bench seat (in a stadium)
broil grill (food)
buck dollar bill
cab taxi
candy sweets
candy bar chocolate bar
car (train) coach
car rental car hire
cart shopping trolley
cell, cell phone mobile phone
charge card credit card
check cheque (travellers)
bill (restaurant)
chips crisps (potato)
closet cupboard, wardrobe
coach class (travel) economy class
condominium apartment
crosswalk pedestrian crossing
dime 10 cents
diner restaurant (from railway dining car)
divided highway dual carriageway
downtown city centre, business district
drugstore chemist's, pharmacy
duplex semi-detached property
eggplant aubergine
elevator lift
entree main course (in a restaurant)
exit motorway junction
fall Autumn
fanny pack bum bag
faucet bathroom tap
first floor ground floor
flashlight torch
freeway motorway
French fries chips
garbage rubbish
gas petrol or fuel
gearshift gear stick (car)
grade crossing railway level crossing
greenback dollar bill
hood bonnet (of a car)
hostess (restaurant) person who directs you to your seat
icebox fridge
intersection junction, crossroads
interstate motorway
jello jelly
jelly jam
ladies room female toilets
lemonade lemon squash
liquor store off licence
median (road) central reservation
men's room male toilets
momentarily in a moment, soon
muffler exhaust (of a car)
nickel 5 cents
off ramp slip road off motorway
on ramp slip road onto motorway
outlet electrical socket
rest room toilet
sedan saloon (car)
sidewalk pavement
signal traffic light
stick shift manual gear change (of a car)
to go takeaway (food)
toll-free number freephone number
trunk boot (of a car)
vacation holiday