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Legoland - Pirate Cove

Legoland - Pirate Cove

Legoland want to preserve the idea of a water show like the famous Cypress Gardens ski shows of old and are planning a pirate themed water stunt show to replace it.

Adventures at Pirate Cove

At this time there are few details but the storyline of Adventures at Pirate's Cove centres around a pirate invasion of Lake Eloise. You can expect pirate galleons, swashbuckling pirates, water cannons and much walking of the plank. The storyline also shows pirates on jet skis but it is unclear about ordinary water ski stunts at this time. Expect more details over the coming months.

Viewing will be from the old ski show location and there will also be a restaurant on the banks of the lake.

History of the Water Ski Show

The Cypress Gardens water ski show was started back in the early 1940s by the Pope family who had first opened the park in 1936 as a botanical gardens. It billed itself as the "Water ski capitol of the world".

Over the years, the show became more elaborate with more and more stunts, barefoot skiing, jumps and lifts and the famous pyramid formations.

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