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SeaWorld Aquatica Rivers

Walkabout Waters [© CC BY 2.0 Jeremy Thompson]
Walkabout Waters [© CC BY 2.0 Jeremy Thompson]

Aquatica has six separate river and lagoon attractions as well as 36 water slides. There are two children's play areas catering for all age groups.

There are also more than 80,000 square feet of soft, white sandy beaches and tranquil pools for those who just want to chill out. There are hundreds of sun loungers plus large and small beach umbrellas.

For the ultimate luxury retreat, you can hire a private cabana.

Some attractions have height restrictions (see individual attraction descriptions for details) and some have weight restrictions. Free life vests are readily available in all sizes at each ride and posted signs indicate any warnings and restrictions.

To ride any of the inner tube rides, riders must be able to sit upright and hold onto the handles unassisted.

Big Surf Shores and Cutback Cove

These side-by-side wave pools (only ones in the world) can operate together or independently and hold an incredible 860,000 gallons of water. They can generate one huge wave or duelling waves.

Big Surf Shores has gently rolling surf and Cutback Cove can go from gentle to enormous waves with five foot swells.

The waves run three times an hour for about eight minutes each time and large timers tell you how much time is left.

Life vests are recommended, especially for poor swimmers.

Roa's Rapids

If you are after an exciting white water river ride then you need look no further than the 1,500 foot Roa's Rapids. Roa's Rapids are three to four times faster than the average waterpark river with tides, whirlpools, geysers and waterfalls.

Guests under 51 inches tall (1.3m) are required to wear a life vest.

Loggerhead Lane

If you are after something a little more relaxing then float over to Loggerhead Lane.

Loggerhead Lane is a lazy river raft ride with the added bonus of an underwater view of the Commerson's dolphins plus views of exotic birds and an underwater view into a large 10,000 gallon grotto teaming with tropical fish.

Guests under 42 inches tall (1.07m) are required to wear a life vest and everyone must ride in a tube.

Kata's Kookaburra Cove

Small kids will love the 79,000 gallon Kata's Kookaburra Cove with a kiddie's body slide, rides, water spouts and buckets.

Rides have names like Slippity Dippity, Slider Rider, Racer Chaser and Zippity Zappity and specially designed rafts allow even the smallest child to have fun.

Guests should be no more than 48 inches tall (1.21m).

Walkabout Waters

A second kids area is Walkabout Waters, a 60 foot tall rain fortress play area designed for older children.

It covers over 15,000 square feet making it one of the world's largest interactive water playgrounds. Here you will find water cannons, slides, climbing nets and two large water buckets that empty every few minutes.

Height restrictions vary by slide.