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SeaWorld Orlando Shows

Killer whales jumping in unison at SeaWorld
Killer whales jumping in unison at SeaWorld

SeaWorld has got a good balance between exhibits, thrill rides and entertainment in the form of various 'not to be missed' shows running throughout each day. Most shows feature a pre-show to while away the time before the actual show starts.

Do not be disappointed if the animals do not perform as intended, at the end of the day if a killer whale is not in the mood then there is not a lot anyone can do to persuade it otherwise. Sometimes shows are curtailed.

The Believe Shamu Show

When anyone thinks of SeaWorld they think of killer whales and the long running Shamu Adventure was relaunched on May 11, 2006 as the new 30 minute "Believe" show featuring giant video screens all set to a musical score.

The new video screens move from side to side and rotate during the show, displaying movies and images/stories/general from above and below the water, giving you amazing views of the action.

The action is set to an orchestral score and tells the story of a young boy who dreams of killer whales. As you watch the boy paddling his canoe out into the ocean on the new giant movable video screens at the start of the show, a killer whale jumps out of the water in the stadium, right on cue; truly incredible timing.

Interspersed with the jumps, somersaults and dives of the whales and their trainers, are testimonials from several of the trainers. For a lot of the show, two whales with their trainers perform synchronised moves, diving deeper and jumping higher than ever before, the trainers cartwheeling through the air after being projected out of the water on the noses of the whales.

Following the tragic death of one of the trainers in February 2010, the trainers are no longer getting in the water with the killer whales.

Don't forget that if you see in the first 20 or so rows of the stadium then you are likely to get very wet !!

If you have a multi-day pass to SeaWorld, then it makes a great end to the day in conjunction with the firework show.

Special Tips

Remember to arrive at least 20 minutes before the Clyde and Seamore show starts as a mime artist entertains the waiting guests basically by making fun of late arrivals in a particularly non-PC way!!

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island

The Clyde and Seamore show has been through a number of incarnations including a hotel and cavemen. This time it involves lost treasure, pirates and misadventure, but the format remains the same; a mix of corny humour, slapstick comedy and good old fashioned getting wet. Clyde and Seamore, the sea lions are ably assisted by animal trainers, an otter and the latest addition to the cast, a harbour seal.

Blue Horizons

SeaWorld's Key West Dolphin Stadium has now re-opened as Blue Horizons. This new 20 minute show is is much more of a theatrical experience along the lines of Cirque du Soleil and is set to a musical score performed by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. It tells the story of a young girl, Marina who dreams of swimming with Delphis the spirit of the sea and flying through the clouds with Aurora, the spirit of the sky.

Whilst the Atlantic bottle-nose dolphins and false killer whales jump and dive and interact with the trainers, exotic birds such as macaws, a giant Andean condor and sun conures soar overhead. The cast also includes platform divers, gymnasts on aerial trapezes and wires and bungee jumpers who shoot gracefully in and out of the water, all dressed in ornate costumes representing the sea and the sky.

Pets Ahoy!

A animal circus show where upwards of 100 animals including cats, dogs, birds, rats, skunks and pot-bellied pigs perform tricks such as jumping, hire-wire walking and dune buggy riding. Most of the animals have been rescued from animal shelters.