Using Travellers Cheques in Florida

Vintage Traveller’s Cheques Poster [© CC BY 2.0 Enokson,]
Vintage Traveller’s Cheques Poster [© CC BY 2.0 Enokson,]

US dollar travellers cheques (checks) can be used just like cash which means you don't have to visit a bank to change money (this is very handy).

Everywhere accepts them and they will give you change in US dollars, though they are less popular these days and quite a few cashiers seem unclear on how to process them.

Don't forget to take ID (such as your passport) with you as you will often be asked for ID when you countersign them.

Remember to keep the list of serial numbers separate from your wallet/purse in the unlikely event that you lose them so you can contact the appropriate authorities to cancel them and get replacements.

Do not take foreign travellers cheques (such as Sterling or Euros) as you will only be able to cash them in banks; it is unlikely they will be accepted in shops and restaurants.

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