Jungala, Busch Gardens Africa

By James | Last updated May 9, 2024

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The Jungala attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay opened on April 5, 2008.

Jungala is a 4 acre “Jungles of the World” themed attraction built on the site of the old Python roller coaster and Claw Island tiger enclosure in the Congo area.

It is anchored around a jungle village and features waterfalls, jungle trails, two new rides, two restaurants and new “close encounter” wild animal exhibits.

Jungala is a combination of rides, wildlife, conservation, dense jungle habitat plus dining and shopping.


Though geared towards to 6 to 13 year olds, Jungala is designed for all the family and is a step up from young children’s Land of the Dragons play area

Jungala Rides

Jungle Flyers used to run across the top of Jungala and gives children a birds eye view of the area from 50 feet up, along three separate zip lines but it closed in 2018.

The Wild Surge is a 14 seater pneumatic ride that shoots you up vertically to a height of 35 feet (11 m), out of a volcano over a towering waterfall, giving you both a thrill ride and a unique view of Jungala.

Jungala attractions

Tree Top Trails was a three story high activity attraction for the whole family and has climbing nets, rope bridges, crawl tubes and a multi-level maze to allow you to explore different aspects of the jungle but it also closed in 2018.

It simulates climbing through the jungle canopy and allows you to look down on the orangutans. At ground level there are water jets for the kids to play in.

Educators tour the area to introduce you to endangered animals and there are also street entertainers such as stiltwalkers dressed up as jungle birds, frogs and trees.

Jungala Animal Exhibits

Animal exhibits include orangutans and Bengal tigers in natural habitats with subterranean caves and pools.

As well as the usual viewing experiences, the Tiger Trail exhibit offers unique viewing opportunities with a split-level underwater viewing area allowing you to see tigers in one of their favourite environments and even a glass-enclosed dome that allows you a close up view from the very heart of their environment.

The Tiger Lodge exhibit lets you discover the work being undertaken to protect tigers in the wild.

At the Orangutan Outpost, you can observe orangutans from tree top observation posts as they play in hammocks and swing amongst vines.

In the Kulu Canopy you can see white-cheeked gibbons, tomistomas (a rare Far eastern crocodile) and flying foxes (fruit bats).

Jungala Restaurants

There are two new restaurants in the Jungala area, the Bengal Bistro and the Orang Café.

The Bengal Bistro (formerly the Vivi Restaurant) offers cafeteria-style service and features outdoor seating. The menu includes fish, club sandwiches, wraps and salads plus an expanded children’s menu.

The Orang Café is a new restaurant offering premium snacks and seasonal entrées.

Busch Gardens Animals

The Worlds of Discovery parks house over 50,000 animals across the whole group making them the largest animal zoo collection in the world.