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Buying Walt Disney World Theme Park Tickets

Beauty and the Beast topiary at Disney Epcot [© 2019,, all rights reserved]
Beauty and the Beast topiary at Disney Epcot [© 2019,, all rights reserved]

Disney has switched from seasonal theme park ticket pricing to date-based ticket pricing. From October 16, 2018, the familiar “Magic Your Way” Disney tickets have been replaced by what are now called “Walt Disney World Theme Park Tickets”.

Disney has said they are doing this to help even out crowd levels but how effective this will be remains to be seen. Many people do not have the flexibility to visit Walt Disney World whenever they please especially for families with school age children as authorities are making it harder to take children out of school during term time.

Now instead of buying your tickets based upon seasonal block dates (value, regular or peak), prices are specific to an individual start date. As a general rule of thumb, prices are higher around weekends (Friday to Sunday) and over holiday periods such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year but also Spring Break, Easter and the school summer holidays.

In March 2019, Disney drastically increased the peak season prices from $129 per day to $159 per day.

The more days you purchase the cheaper the daily rate is. So for example in 2021, the cheapest single day ticket is $109 whereas the most expensive is $159 ($129 when first released). For a ten day ticket, the cheapest daily rate is $52 per day and the most expensive is $69 per day ($51 when first released).

Some prices are less, some the same but many are more expensive making this the second price hike in a year. The other big difference is that prices are now the same across all four parks, Magic Kingdom is no longer a special case commanding a premium price.

To assist in purchasing tickets, Disney has introduced a new online planning tool that can be accessed via their website or through the My Disney Experience mobile app. You can see the different calendar date pricing and buy tickets. This is also a way to check out cheaper times of year if your plans are flexible.

Remember if you live in the United Kingdom or Ireland you can buy special “length of stay” 7, 14 or 21 day tickets which may work out cheaper. Note the 21 day tickets are no longer available in 2021.

Walt Disney World Ticket Information Pages

Calendar Pricing

All prices on the Disney calendar are rounded to the nearest whole number of dollars per day and when you select the first date, the actual total price (excluding tax) is shown at the bottom of the calendar.

All daily prices shown are adult prices. It is not until you have selected the number of days that Disney show you the total amount per adult (aged 10 and above) and per child (aged 3 to 9).

The calendar currently goes up to the end of 2022.

Because prices are now date based, choosing a different day of the week as your first date can effect how much you pay; a different start day can result on the tickets costing more or less.

Note you do not have to visit a park on the start date, you are entitled to visit the number of days you choose between the start and end dates selected.

So for example if you choose a two day ticket you can go to the parks twice in a four day period. It might be cheaper to actually select Monday as your first valid use date but visit on Tuesday and Thursday.

Buying Walt Disney World Theme Park Tickets

Walt Disney World theme park tickets give you access to the four theme parks, namely Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

When you start the buying process you now have to choose between:

  • 1 Park Per Day ticket — visit one park per day on each of your ticket days; I.e. no park hopping
  • Ticket with Park Hopper Option — allows you to visit one or more of the four theme parks on any single day
  • Ticket with Park Hopper Plus Option — same as Park Hopper and includes access to the two Disney water parks and golf courses as described below
  • Ticket with Water Park & Sports Option — same as one park per day plus a number of visits to certain water and sports venues

Note you can always upgrade later to one of the Park Hopper options in the checkout process as well as choosing flexible dates or buying a Memory Maker package.

All prices shown are the online prices excluding tax. If purchasing tickets at the gate then for three days or more, tickets cost an additional $20.

Like most of the Florida theme parks, anyone aged 10 or over on the day of their first entry to the theme parks is classed as an adult and will have to buy an adult ticket.

Children between the ages of 3 and 9 are classed as children and may purchase a child ticket.

Children under the age of 3 are admitted for free.

DaysExpiryAdult, Price per DayChild, Price per DayPark Hopper, Adult or ChildPark Hopper Plus, Adult or ChildWater Park & Sports, Adult or Child
11from $109 to $159from $104 to $154extra $65extra $85extra $70
24from $107 to $155from $102 to $150extra $75extra $95extra $70
35from $105 to $149from $99 to $144extra $85extra $95extra $70
47from $103 to $138from $98 to $136extra $85extra $105extra $70
58from $88 to $120from $83 to $115extra $85extra $105extra $70
69from $75 to $103from $71 to $99extra $85extra $105extra $70
710from $67 to $91from $63.00 to $87extra $85extra $105extra $70
812from $61 to $82from $57 to $79extra $85extra $105extra $70
913from $56 to $75from $53 to $71extra $85extra $105extra $70
1014from $52 to $69from $49 to $65extra $85extra $105extra $70

1 Park Per Day Ticket

With the 1 Park Per Day Ticket can you only visit one of the four theme parks on any particular day even if you have days left over.

So for example if you bought a four day ticket you could not visit Magic Kingdom and Epcot on one day and then Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park on another day.

Each visit must be on a separate date within the start and end dates of your ticket.

The Expiry column in the price table is the number of days the tickets are valid including the start day. Therefore taking the example of a three day ticket, it is valid over a period of five days.

Park Hopper Option

The Park Hopper costs an additional $65 to $85 (from $27.50 for Florida Residents) on top of the 1 Park Per Day ticket and allows you to visit more than one of the four theme parks on each day of your ticket.

This means for example you could go to Magic Kingdom in the morning, visit Animal Kingdom in the afternoon and then go and watch the Epcot fireworks the same evening.

Park Hopper Plus Option

The Park Hopper Plus option (originally called Water Park Fun & More) costs an additional $85 to $105 ($20 more than the normal Park Hopper) but adds extra visits to your holiday.

With the Park Hopper Plus Option, you also have access to:

  • two water parks, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • † NBA Experience at Disney Springs
  • † ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (excludes ticketed events)
  • 9-hole Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course – FootGolf
  • 9-hole Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course and † Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course (after 4 p.m.)

† —At present some of the Sports options are unavailable

Each visit counts as one access and the number of accesses is the same as the number of days on your ticket with the exception of a one day ticket which gives you two accesses.

All visits must occur within the existing start and end dates of your theme park ticket.

As an example if you purchased a two day ticket with Park Hopper Plus you can visit the four theme parks on two separate days with park hopping. You can also make two visits to the Park Hopper Plus attractions. All visits must occur within the four days available to a two day ticket.

Note that with the higher number of day tickets you end up with more visits than you have days available. For example a six day ticket must be used within nine days but with Park Hopper Plus as well as six days at the theme parks you also have six visits to the extra attractions.

Each round of golf counts as a separate visit but you can visit one of the water parks multiple times on the same day, counting as one visit. If you visit both water parks then that is two visits.

Ticket with Water Park & Sports Option

The Ticket with Water Park & Sports Option is the same as the Park Hopper Plus Option but excludes park hopping, it is strictly one theme park per day of your ticket.

Disney Theme Park Ticket Expiry

With the old Magic Your Way tickets all multi-day tickets used to expire 14 days after first use but with the new system, you only get a 14 day expiry if you purchase a 10 day ticket. This means if you are buying say a relatively low number of days you cannot spread them over a full fortnight like you used to be able to do in the past but there are a couple of exceptions as described below.

Refer to the table above to see how many days the tickets are valid for depending upon number of days purchased.

Note that if you purchase your park tickets as part of a Disney Resort hotel room and ticket package, the expiration date is the longer of:

  • dates as above
  • start and end dates of resort hotel stay

So for example if you buy a two day ticket you have to visit both times within a four day window but if you are booked into a particular resort for seven days then with the same two day ticket, your ticket window runs from the day you check in until the day you checkout, seven days later.

Flexible Dates Option

Whereas Magic Your Way tickets expired 14 days after first use, the new tickets generally have a shorter life span; for example a two day ticket can be used over a total of just four days whilst a ten day ticket is still valid for 14 days. There is a new Flexible Dates Option that allows you to visit whenever you want and the tickets retain their 14 day expiry but you have to effectively pay the highest daily rate to upgrade to this option.

This option is available in the checkout after you select your ticket.

Changing the First Date of Use

If after buying your tickets you want to change the first date of use, you can do so as long as you make the change before the first day of use.

If by moving the first date, your tickets become more expensive then you have to pay the difference but if by moving the first date, the tickets becomes cheaper you do not receive a refund!

If you wish to amend you ticket after you have started using it, for example to switch a two day ticket to a four day ticket, then you need to contact Guest Relations.

Remember if you move dates you may need to re-book some of your FastPass+ selections.

Old Unused Magic Your Way Tickets

If you purchased Magic Your Way tickets before the switch over to the new ticketing system in October 2018 and have yet to use them, then they are still valid under the original terms and conditions of purchase and will generally expire by December 31, 2019.

It is best to speak to Disney’s Guest Relations if you have any queries or wish to upgrade them to the new style tickets.