Nature Activities In Florida

By James | Last updated May 10, 2024

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Florida is easily one of the most visited places in the US and most people holidaying there do so because of the Disney aspect. Florida however also has an interesting range of outdoor activities to try which a lot of people pass over during their stay. Below is a quick guide to Florida and the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed there.

A quick introduction to Florida

Most people arrive in Florida via the Orlando airport. Most of the resorts and villas are nearby and it doesn`t take long to reach them. The weather conditions in Florida are generally very good with sunshine being present on most days.

The area is prone to short spells of rain though and so waterproofs might be needed on outdoor days

Because of its popularity, Florida is busy year round however January through to March is considered to be off-peak and things get less crowded. If you are looking for quiet beaches and peace in general then this is probably the best time to visit. These months are also considered to be the best times to enjoy outdoor and nature activities as the days are warm but not excessively so.

Popular nature activities in Florida

The geographical location of Florida means that it is a haven for land and sea life alike. This means that while out on one of the many nature walks and hikes that are available, people regularly see an impressive range of birds, animals and flowers. Bird watching is a popular pastime for many Floridians, as is dolphin spotting when close to the coast. There are boats available for hire so that nature lovers can get a closer look at the dolphins and any other sea life that might be around.

Larger boats can also be hired for days out deep sea fishing or if preferred, there are designated areas for beach fishing as well. For water lovers, there is the option of sea kayaking and snorkelling or diving for those who are qualified. So in short, Florida offers a wide range of nature activities to enjoy regardless of whether you prefer the sea or solid land.

Why are outdoor activities so popular in Florida?

Florida has some of the most beautiful scenery in the south eastern region of the US. It also boasts clean oceans and beaches and a wide variety of flora and fauna both on land and at sea. These factors combined with its year round good weather mean Florida is the perfect place to enjoy nature.

Enjoying the outdoors safely

It is important to have the correct clothing and equipment for the outdoors as the weather in Florida can be unpredictable at times. Waterproofs are a must, as are a sturdy pair of walking boots, a good jacket and a sun hat in the warmer months. It is also advisable to carry a drinks bottle and a few snacks, some suntan lotion, a map of the local area, a basic first aid kit and a mobile phone. If you are going to walk or hike alone then it is also suggested that you inform somewhere of where you are going and roughly the time that you will be back.


Florida is a first-class area for enjoying nature activities and providing you dress sensibly and carry some basic equipment, you should have a very pleasurable time. North Face stock a range of clothing options that are designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor activities – such as those you can take advantage of while in Florida.