Legoland – World of Chima

By James | Last updated May 9, 2024

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LEGOLAND Florida continued to expand with the announcement of a new land called the “World of Chima” based on the latest LEGO brand at the time, Legends of Chima. World of Chima open on July 3, 2013, the day before Independence Day.

After less than four years, on May 29, 2017 World of Chima closed to make way for the construction of a new land to be called The LEGO Movie World. This page is retained for historical interest

The Chima brand is centred in the Kingdom of Chima, inhabited by tribes of mystical animal warriors battling over an energy resource called CHI. The Lion, Eagle and Gorilla tribes are on the side of good whilst the Raven, Wolf and Crocodile tribes side with bad. There are also several other tribes, namely Rhino, Fox, Skunk and Bear.


The backstory for the Chima products were woven into the attractions at the World of Chima and the whole land was themed on Chima with lush vegetation, the Lion Temple and an amazing floating Mount Cavora with cascading waterfalls.

The Quest for CHI

The main attraction is a family friendly interactive splash-battle water ride called “The Quest for CHI” where guests will help Laval the Lion Prince try to recover stolen CHI orbs from Cragger the Crocodile King. Each boat has eight water cannon that are powered by turning handles and guests can squirt other boats, targets in the attraction and even other guests on the shoreline. As you travel through the ride, you visit the lands of all the different tribes that inhabit Chima.

Speedorz Arena

The tribes in Chima get around on special vehicles called Speedorz, powered by CHI and in another new attraction, the “Speedorz Arena”, guests can compete in group challenges to build Lego Speedorz models, avoid obstacles and win prizes.

Lego Chima 4D Movie Xperience

Finally there is the Lego Chima 4D Movie Xperience presented by the Cartoon Network, where the characters will come to life in 3D. The movie will run throughout the day.

Both Laval and Cragger will also be available for daily meet and greet sessions.

Most theme parks build new themed attractions based around existing well established brands so it is unusual to see a new attraction being launched concurrently with both the new product, computer games and cartoon TV series. LEGO subsequently discontinued the Chima product line.

Like the rest of the Legoland attractions, World of Chima is clearly aimed at families with young children, aged 2 to 12.