Disney’s Blizzard Beach

By James | Last updated May 10, 2024

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is one of two water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, the other being Typhoon Lagoon.

Whereas Blizzard Beach is all about man-made thrills, Typhoon Lagoon is more natural with wave pools and the chance to swim with sharks.

If you have teenagers they will probably prefer the slides at Blizzard Beach whereas small children will have more fun at Typhoon Lagoon. If you have time/money why not visit both!!

Annual Refurbishment

Both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are closed for refurbishment each year for a couple of months during the winter but never at the same time so one park or the other is always open.

Both parks closed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and since then Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are alternating open times. This means at any time of the year only one Disney water park is open, there is no longer an overlap.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Overview

The story behind Blizzard Beach is that it is set in an alpine ski resort complete with chair lifts, where some of the snow has melted turning the slalom courses, bobsled and toboggan runs into downhill waterslides. It first opened in 1995.

It is a weird situation where you are surrounded by “snow” whilst bathing in water at a steady 80–82 degrees F all year round.

The Travel Channel voted Blizzard Beach the number 2 water park in the whole of the USA (the number 1 water park was the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Texas)

Like all the water parks in Florida, it gets particularly busy in the summer months so generally, it is best to visit in the afternoon though bear in mind the park will close once it is full.

Also bear in mind it may shut during bad thunderstorms.

There are a number of quick service restaurants or you can bring your own food into the park and eat in one of the picnic areas but note that you may not bring alcohol into the park or glass containers for obvious reasons.

The centrepiece of Blizzard Beach is Mount Gushmore where you will find a number of big thrill slides.

You can access the top of Mount Gushmore either by walking up the steps or taking the chair ski lift.

Blizzard Beach caters for children of all ages so even little ones can enjoy themselves in the water whilst the bigger ones can have fun on the bigger and faster slides.

In 2016, Disney introduced the Frozen Summer Games where you could play in either Team Kristoff or Team Olaf.

Blizzard Beach Rides

Blizzard Beach attractions include:

  • Summit Plummet – at 120ft, this is the highest water slide in the USA where you can reach speeds of 55 mph
  • Downhill Double Dipper – ride an inner tube at 25 mph down one of two parallel 230 ft long racing slides
  • Slush Gusher – 35 mph slide with humps to add to the excitement
  • Toboggan Racers – ride a mat down one of eight side-by-side lanes
  • Runoff Rapids – a choice of three incredible inner tube rides down into a plunge pool. You can use either a single or double tube to ride with a friend
  • Ski Patrol Training Camp – fun for the pre-teens including inner-tube slides, a T-bar slide and a walk across floating icebergs
  • Snow Stormers – ride a mat down one of three different switchback slalom-style racing slides ending in a plunge pool
  • Teamboat Springs – ride in a three to six-passenger inner tube down a 1,200 ft white water rafting and waterfall course for the whole family
  • Tike’s Peak – water play area for the very young with gently body slides, an inner tube slide, interactive fountains, pop jets and a wading pool
  • Cross Country Creek – ride an inner tube on a gently meandering river that flows around the entire park
  • Melt Away Bay – a one-acre pool for wading or swimming fed by a waterfall from Mount Gushmore


Parking is free at Blizzard Beach.


It is advisable to wear a one-piece costume particularly if you are going on some of the faster rides, you would not want to be parted with your top half!

Inner tubes and mats

Use of inner tubes and mats is free; just collect one before getting on the slide.

Safety gear

You can hire a life jacket if you need one; with a personal ID card and a $25 refundable deposit.


You can hire a locker and/or towels; near to Snowless Joe’s.