Amtrak Stations in Florida

By James | Last updated May 16, 2024

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There are some 30 Amtrak stations in Florida plus around 10 Thruway motor coach stops. Since the Amtrak Sunset Limited service from Los Angeles was terminated at New Orleans following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, a number of the North and Western Florida Amtrak stations have remained closed to passenger traffic including the one in the State capital Tallahassee.

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That just leaves Sanford north of Orlando, which is the southern terminus of the Amtrak Auto Train from Lorton just outside Washington DC and the remaining stations that serve the Amtrak Silver Service (Silver Star and Silver Meteor) trains. Most of these are situated on Florida’s Central region and Southern Atlantic seaboard.

At one time you could get all the way to Key West on the Overseas Railroad built by Henry Flagler in the early 1900s but it closed following the terrible category 5 hurricane that hit the Keys on Labor Day in 1935. Remnants of the old railroad can still be seen to this day.

Note that Amtrak has allocated two codes for Lakeland even though there is only one station. One code is used when travelling northbound and the other is southbound.

Destination [Code]Sunset LtdSilver MeteorSilver StarNotes
Bradenton [BDT] YesYesBus (Orlando/Tampa)
Chipley [CIP]Yes ‡  Not currently in use
Clearwater [CLW]   Not currently in use
Crestview [CSV]Yes ‡  Not currently in use
Dade City [DDE] YesYesBus (Jacksonville)
Daytona Beach [DYA] YesYesBus (Deland)
Deerfield Beach [DFB] YesYesAmtrak station
Deland [DLD]Yes ‡YesYesAmtrak station
Delray Beach [DLB] YesYesAmtrak station
Fort Lauderdale [FTL] YesYesAmtrak station
Fort Myers [FTM] YesYesBus (Orlando/Tampa)
Gainesville [GNF]  YesBus (Jacksonville)
Hollywood [HOL] YesYesAmtrak station
Jacksonville [JAX]Yes ‡YesYesAmtrak station
Kissimmee [KIS] YesYesAmtrak station
Lake City [LEC]Yes ‡  Not currently in use
Lakeland – North to New York [LAK]  YesAmtrak station
Lakeland – South to Miami [LKL]  YesAmtrak station
Madison [MDO]Yes ‡  Not currently in use
Miami [MIA] YesYesAmtrak station
Ocala [OCA]  YesBus (Jacksonville)
Okeechobee [OKE]  YesAmtrak station
Orlando [ORL]Yes ‡YesYesAmtrak station
Palatka [PAK]Yes ‡YesYesAmtrak station
Pensacola [PNS]Yes ‡  Not currently in use
Port Charlotte [PCH] YesYesBus (Orlando/Tampa)
Sanford [SFD]   Not currently in use
Sanford (Auto Train Only) [SFA]   Amtrak station
Sarasota [SRA] YesYesBus (Orlando/Tampa)
Sebring [SBG] YesYesAmtrak station
St. Petersburg [STP] YesYesBus (Orlando/Tampa)
Tallahassee [TLH]Yes ‡  Not currently in use
Tampa [TPA]  YesAmtrak station
The Villages [TVF]  YesBus (Jacksonville)
Waldo [WDO]  YesBus (Jacksonville)
West Palm Beach [WPB] YesYesAmtrak station
Wildwood [WWD]Yes ‡ YesBus (Jacksonville)
Winter Haven [WTH] YesYesAmtrak station
Winter Park [WPK]Yes ‡YesYesAmtrak station

‡ The Sunset Limited service currently terminates at New Orleans and does not continue into Alabama and Florida.

Note that not all of the Amtrak stations in Florida are staffed. Some are just stops without a terminal or any other facilities such as the ability to buy tickets.

The Major Amtrak Stations In Florida

Florida’s Amtrak railway network has several main stations that link rail travel throughout the state. These larger stations generally offer more routes to different destinations and they usually have more facilities than the smaller stations.

Jacksonville Amtrak Station

Jacksonville Amtrak Station (JAX) is located in northeastern Florida and shares access to the Silver Service routes such as the Silver Star and the Silver Meteor. Passengers can travel to cities like New York and Miami from this station.

Miami Amtrak Station

Miami Amtrak Station (MIA) is the main southern terminal for the Silver Star and Silver Meteor routes, with connections between Miami and New York.

Orlando Amtrak Station

Orlando Amtrak Station (ORL) is the major station in Central Florida and offers options for travel on both Silver Service routes. This station is of course a tourist hot spot for visitors from around the US attending the theme parks.

Tampa Union Station

Tampa Union Station (TPA) provides access to services on the Silver Star route. This station is a key passageway for travelers going to and from the western part of Florida.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Amtrak Station (WPB) provides access to services on the Silver Meteor route. Passengers often use this station as a means of traveling to the coastal areas of South Florida.