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Buying Gatorland Tickets

Gatorland sell one day admission tickets and annual passes. The prices of an annual pass is less than two single day tickets so it makes good sense if you plan to visit more than once during the year.

As with all the theme parks, if you are a Florida resident, you can often get discounts and special privileges with a Florida residents ticket.

Gatorland offer a number of special tours and the recently opened zip line requires a separate ticket (though it does include the standard admission). You can even hold a birthday party at Gatorland.

They also offer a number of special packages including “Trainer for a Day” and several evening events after the main park has closed.

Gatorland single day ticket options are:

For admission to Gatorland, children under 3 are admitted for free and children between the ages of 3 and 12 may purchase a child ticket. Children aged 13 and above must purchase an adult ticket.

Note that certain attractions like the “Trainer for the Day” package are only available to adults and children aged 12 or over. There are also size restrictions on the Gatorland Screamin’ Gator Zip Line.

If you are a keen photographer, then the Photo Pass effectively offers you “dawn to dusk” access for certain times of year to catch that special shot.

Gatorland Ticket Information Pages

Gatorland 2017 ticket prices

These prices are the standard ticket prices you would expect to pay at the gate (unless stated otherwise). Prices do not include local taxes and tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All prices are subject to change and you should check with Gatorland for the latest prices.

Gatorland Single Day Ticket Adult Child
Standard single day admission to Gatorland.
Cannot be used for special events. Save $3 off these prices by purchasing online.
plus tax
plus tax
Gatorland Grunt Package Adult Child
Single day admission to Gatorland plus unlimited rides on the Gatorland Express Train, the chance to sit on the back of a six to eight foot alligator for the Rookie Wrestlin’ Experience and a package of Gator Chow to feed the alligators throughout the park.
Does not include photo at the Rookie Wrestlin’ Experience.
plus tax
plus tax


Gatorland often offer special deals with their one day ticket if purchased on-line and you will also find discount coupons in many of the tourist advertising brochures and magazines. Also check out the special deals with the GoCard Orlando tickets and the GoCard Miami tickets which both include admission to Gatorland.

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