Mickey’s Toontown Fair at Magic Kingdom

By James | Last updated August 18, 2023

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Mickey’s Toontown Fair was the smallest of the lands and the only one not present when the Magic Kingdom first opened. Previously called Mickey’s Starland, it was renovated in 1996 and reopened as Toontown Fair with a cartoon look to it. In 2011 it closed to make way for the major expansion of New Fantasyland. Some of the attractions have been removed and other re-themed as part of the Storybook Circus.

It was one of the best places to meet many of your favourite characters including Mickey Mouse himself. One of the easiest ways to reach Mickey’s Toontown Fair was by riding on the Magic Kingdom Railroad.

Mickey’s Toontown Fair has been replaced by Storybook Circus, part of the New Fantasyland

The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm

The Barnstormer is a mini roller coaster that only lasts for one minute. You ‘fly’ in an out of control crop duster as it swoops and twists and turns over the cornfields. Just watch the Audio-animatronic chickens as you fly right through Goofmeister’s barn.

It is very tame by roller coaster standards so should appeal to small children; in fact some adults might find it a bit of squeeze. There is 35 inch (89 cm) minimum height restriction.

Donald’s Boat

Donald’s Boat, the “Miss Daisy”, is great fun for children. A mini water park where jets of water shoot up unexpectedly through the floor of this leaky boat. Children can steer the boat and ring its bell or play in the fountains and generally get very wet!

Minnie’s Country House

Every small child (and some not so small) wants to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The pink and lavender Minnie’s Country House is a walk through attraction where you can listen to Minnie’s answering machine, and watch the antics of the cake in the oven and the popcorn in the microwave.

You can meet Minnie in the gazebo in the back yard.

Mickey’s Country House

The bright yellow Mickey’s Country House is also a walk through attraction where you can see inside his house, see Pluto’s doghouse, play inside his garage and the garden where Mickey shaped pumpkins grow.

From here you can visit the Judge’s Tent where you can meet Mickey Mouse.

Judge’s Tent

Inside the Judge’s Tent you get the opportunity to meet Mickey in person. Needless to say the queues can be very long but it is worth it if you have children of a certain age.

Toontown Hall of Fame

The Toontown Hall of Fame is where you get the opportunity to meet some of Mickey friends, the princesses and the villains like Captain Hook and the Sheriff of Nottingham. There are three separate lines, one for each group.

Like the Judge’s Tent, expect long queues.

Eating in Toontown

The only place to eat in Mickey’s Toontown Fair is the Toontown Market where you can buy snacks, ice cream and drinks.

Access to other Lands

Mickey’s Toontown Fair leads into Fantasyland on one side and Tomorrowland on the other side by the Mad Tea Party.

You can also board the Disney Railroad to take you back to Main Street USA and onto Frontierland.

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