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Florida Theme Park Halloween Events 2019

After Christmas, Halloween is one of the largest holiday seasons in Florida. It is reckoned some 300,000 people go to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights every year.

All the major theme parks in Florida put on special shows and events for Halloween and some stay open late but check the dates carefully as the events are on selected days/nights only.

Universal Studios and Busch Gardens present intense scary events with thousands of extra cast members whose sole aim is to scare you out of your wits!! These kinds of events are not recommended for people who do not like horror films, are of a scary disposition or children under the age of about 13.

Families are better off considering the offerings from SeaWorld, Magic Kingdom or [Legoland] but bear in mind that only SeaWorld and Legoland include their Halloween celebrations in the standard day tickets, all other parks charge a separate admission fee.

Some Halloween events are not suitable for young children, some allow costumes, others don’t and some parks charge a separate admission (see details below)

In previous years, Silver Springs[ link to home page] in Ocala also put on a halloween event but on September 30, 2013 it became a State Park and they stopped seasonal events like Halloween.

Most theme parks start to release details of dates and ticket prices around June/July time.

Florida Theme Park Halloween 2019 Events At a Glance

Click on the park names to read about the individual Halloween theme park events.

Florida Halloween Events[Magic Kingdom][Universal Studios][SeaWorld][Busch Gardens][LEGOLAND Florida]
Suitable for childrenYesNoYesNoYes
Included in standard admissionNoNoYesNoYes
Costumes allowedYesNoYesNoYes
Opening times7:00pm to midnight6:30pm to midnight / 2:00amnormal park hours7:30pm to 1:00am / 2:00am10:00am to 7pm / 8pm
Dates (select days only)August 16 to November 1September 6 to November 2September 21 to October 27September 20 to November 2October 5 to October 27
Number of events364112228