Renting Legoland Water Park Cabanas

By James | Last updated May 9, 2024

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As well as normal admission tickets, annual passes and special deals for Florida residents, you can improve your stay by renting LEGOLAND water park cabanas. A normal admission ticket is required to the water park to rent a cabana and must be purchased as part of a “combo” LEGOLAND Florida and LEGOLAND Water Park ticket. The water park is not a standalone attraction.

When you rent a cabana you have exclusive access to it for the entire day, from park opening to park closing.

Our top tip for saving big on LEGOLAND tickets

For the best prices, you will want to compare a few sites. Prices can often be found cheaper outside of the official Theme Park sites. You are likely to get a great deal if you shop around. We recommend checking both Undercover Tourist and LEGOLAND for a comparison.

LEGOLAND Water Park Cabanas, Rental Offers and Deals

LEGOLAND Water Park cabana rental ticket options are:

Water Park Cabana Locations

Renting a cabana is a great idea if you are in a group and would like your own personal bit of relaxation space and to give the children a great place to cool off and catch their breath.

With LEGOLAND Florida no longer offering birthday parties, a cabana rental could be a good substitute.

A cabana rental is a great way to have a bit of private space. The cabanas are situated in three different areas of the water park:

  • Joker Soaker cabanas — next to the Joker Soaker zone, located with easy access to the LEGO Wave Pool, Twin Chaser slides and restrooms
  • Twin Chaser cabanas — next to the Twin Chaser slides, close to the Joker Soaker, LEGO Wave Pool and changing areas
  • DUPLO Splash cabanas — next to the DUPLO Splash Safari, near the Beach & Brick Grill, Build-a-Raft Lazy River and restrooms

The two cabana options (Standard and Premium) are the same apart from their location.

Water Park Cabana Amenities

LEGOLAND now offer two options with each of their cabana rentals for up to eight guests; Standard and Premium. If you require more than eight guests then you will need to rent additional cabanas.

The Standard Joker Soaker and DUPLO Splash cabanas offer the same amenities apart from their location. With each standard rental you get:

  • two souvenir towels
  • personal safe
  • mini fridge with 10 bottles of water
  • two beach recliners and two chairs
  • your own personal host

By having a safe you do not need to hire lockers and your personal host can take and deliver your food orders.

The Twin Chaser cabanas are deluxe cabanas and again come with two options; Standard and Premium. With each standard deluxe rental you get:

  • two souvenir towels
  • credenza with personal safe
  • mini fridge with 10 bottles of water
  • two beach recliners, two lounge chairs and a three seater sofa
  • large centre table and two side tables
  • your own personal host

If you upgrade to any premium cabana then for an additional $70 you get these extras as well:

  • two additional exclusive beach towels
  • a tote bag
  • brick storage container
  • family 4-pack of LEGO souvenirs

LEGOLAND Water Park Cabana Rental Prices

All Florida’s theme park prices are subject to change and therefore it wouldn’t be fair to show incorrect prices. For the most up-to-date prices, check out the LEGOLAND website below.

LEGOLAND cabana rentals can be purchased online from the official LEGOLAND Florida website (opens in a new window).

DUPLO Splash Cabana Standard Rental

Single day rental of a standard cabana.

DUPLO Splash Cabana Premium Rental

Single day rental of a premium cabana.

Joker Soaker Standard Cabana Rental

Single day rental of a standard cabana.

Joker Soaker Premium Cabana Rental

Single day rental of a premium cabana.

Twin Chaser Standard Cabana Rental

Single day rental of standard cabana.

Twin Chaser Premium Cabana Rental

Single day rental of premium cabana.