Florida Themed Restaurants

By James | Last updated May 10, 2024

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As well as the various themed restaurants in the theme parks, there are also plenty of others outside of the parks across Florida.

All these types of restaurant can get very busy at peak times so try to eat early or make a reservation.

Rainforest Cafe

The Rainforest Cafe Restaurant chain operates under the strap line “Rainforest Cafe-A Wild Place to Shop and Eat” and is one of the most imaginitively themed restaurants around. You dine in a lush tropical rainforest, surrounded by tanks of brightly coloured tropical fish, waterfalls, caves and rocks, talking trees, live birds and full sized animated wildlife. To complete the picture, the waiting staff are dressed in safari khaki.

As you eat your meal under a starry night, you are aware of the sights, sounds and smells of the forest all around you. Every twenty minutes or so, the sky darkens and special effects create a thunderstorm with rain, thunderclaps and lightning which in turn set off the animatronic elephants and chimpanzees. There is also a large sports bar serving a range of speciality drinks under a giant mushroom.

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Planet Hollywood

Great atmosphere, especially for film buffs. The best milkshakes in the world.

Hard Rock Cafe

Rock fans will love this. Usual burgers etc.