Hyatt Vacation Club

By James | Last updated May 9, 2024

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Hyatt are one of the other major players in vacation ownership and they entered the timeshare market in 1994 and currently have 12 Vacation Club Resorts in the United States of which four are in Florida.


Hyatt also have resorts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Puerto Rico and like the Marriott Vacation Club, their resorts focus on beach, golf/spa and ski activities.

Hyatt Vacation Club Resorts

Hyatt have four Hyatt Vacation Club Resorts in Florida:

  • Hyatt Beach House in Key West
  • Hyatt Sunset Harbor in Old Town Key West
  • Hyatt Windward Pointe in Key West
  • Hyatt Coconut Plantation in Bonita Springs near Fort Myers and Naples

Though Hyatt do not currently have any Vacation Club resorts in Orlando, it is possible to stay at a Hyatt resort in Orlando through the Hyatt Vacation Points scheme.

The condominiums range from studios to one, two or three bedrooms and come with full kitchens, master bath with jet spa tub and a private balcony or patio. Newer units have Plasma TVs.

With some of the larger apartments that have two bathrooms, it is possible to use a ‘lock-out’ option (for a fee) which effectively divides the unit into two separate units allowing each to be used separately so you could stay in one half on one trip and the other half on another trip; effectively giving you two weeks.

Hyatt Vacation Club Membership

Most properties are deeded in perpetuity and can be handed down to family or friends and are subject to property (real estate) taxes. Some are non-deeded right to use and expire in 2075.

When you purchase a Hyatt timeshare, you purchase a fixed week within a seasonal banding; fixed weeks guarantee availability year on year which may be important if you always want to be away for Christmas or New Year for example.

Hyatt don’t offer floating weeks but through their Vacation Points scheme, you can vacation at a different time of year; fees apply.

The cost to join the Hyatt Vacation Club varies; the more you spend the more you get and the greater degree of flexibility in terms of size of unit and season of stay banding.

A week at a two bedroom unit at the Coconut Plantation Resort on the Gulf Coast with a week in mid September would cost around $15,000 with around $800-$900 per year in annual fees.

Hyatt Vacation Club Seasons

When you purchase your timeshare week, it is denoted by a season, ranked from Diamond which is the highest season, down through Platinum, Gold, Silver and then Bronze which is the lowest season (some Hyatt Vacation Club resorts in other states use additional low season levels). Seasons will vary by resort as what is deemed the highest season on the Florida Gulf Coast will be different to the highest season in Key West.

Hyatt’s Vacation Club points scheme offers great flexibility. If you do not wish to visit your home resort during your specified week, you can convert your week into Hyatt Vacation Club points and then

  • stay at other Hyatt Vacation Club destinations
  • redeem them (every other year) to stay at participating Hyatt Hotels and Resorts throughout the world via the Hotel Exchange Program or
  • exchange points for vacations through the timeshare exchange program run by Interval International which gives you access to over 2,000 other destinations

The number of points you get depends upon the season of your fixed week. If you choose to stay in a smaller unit or for less than a full week in your home resort then you can also convert the remaining days into Vacation Points.

Points expire six months after the fixed week period and points can also be borrowed from next year. You can also choose to start your vacation on any day of the week (subject to availability) which can save you money on airfares.

Hyatt Vacation Club Perks

As a member of the Hyatt Vacation Club you can get special rates and discounts/upgrades on airfares, car rentals and special travel packages plus access to other resorts through Interval International (free membership).

You are also automatically enrolled in Hyatt’s Gold Passport® frequent guest program which gives you special benefits and travel rewards.