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Airpower History Tour 2022

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress "Texas Raiders" [© 2020,, all rights reserved]
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress "Texas Raiders" [© 2020,, all rights reserved]

In addition to the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) AirPower History Tour often visit Florida in the Spring though they have not visited Florida often in recent years. They toured a number of airfields in 2016 and are planning one visit in 2022.

For the 2022 tour, the Commemorative Air Force are flying their Boeing B-29 Superfortress “FiFi”, Consolidated B-24A Liberator “Diamond Lil”, North American P-51D Mustang “Gunfighter”, North American T-6 Texan and Boeing PT-13 Stearman.

In previous years, the Commemorative Air Force have also displayed their Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress “Texas Raiders”, Beech C-45 Expediter “Bucket of Bolts”, Beechcraft T-34 Mentor and Curtis SB2C Helldiver.

The highlight of the Commemorative Air Force fleet has to be “Fifi” one of only two flying examples of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress which visited all Florida stops in 2016.

They fly into a number of regional airports and ramp access is $20 for adults and $10 for children under 18. Children 10 and under are free.

Included in the price of admission is a free tour of the B-29 and B-24 cockpits.

You can also get some idea of what it was like to fly in these amazing aircraft with rides being available in all the aircraft. For 2022, prices started at $299 for a 20 minute ride in the Boeing PT-13 Stearman.

The B-29 is able to take a number of passengers on each flight and prices range from $595 if you sit in the rear fuselage gunners compartment all the way up to $1,695 for the bombardier station in the nose. A flight in the B-24 costs $524 and you are able to visit a number of locations inside the aircraft once airborne.

The most expensive ride is $3,700 for a 40 minute ride experience in the Mustang.

Prices assume you are purchasing in advance online, on the day tickets are usually more expensive.

Note that some aircraft, in particular the B-29 do not fly every day and not all aircraft will be at each venue so it is best to check the AirPower History Tour schedule if you wish to see a specific aircraft.

Commemorative Air Force AirPower History Tour Schedule (Florida Locations)

Tour schedule/locations for 2022 are:

Dates Location
May 11 to 15, 2022 Daytona Beach Airport [Yelvington Jet Center]

History of the Commemorative Air Force

The Commemorative Air Force is a non-profit organisation and was originally founded in 1957 under the name Confederate Air Force with the aim of preserving and restoring World War II era aircraft.

The name, Confederate Air Force, was originally chosen as a bit of a joke to represent their rebellious beginnings and the pilots are still referred to as Colonels to this day. In 2002 after a membership vote the name was changed to the Commemorative Air Force.

In total the Commemorative Air Force has over 150 aircraft in its collection (with around 100 of them in flying condition) and collectively they are known as the Ghost Squadron.

Though the Commemorative Air Force started out in Texas, today it has over 11,000 members with “wings” in 27 states and overseas.