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By James | Last updated May 27, 2024

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If you’re searching for all the Disney World characters at Epcot on your next park adventure, this guide will help. This article aims to help you locate all the Disney characters in an easy-to-follow format so you can plan your next photo and autograph outing at Epcot.

As a longtime fan of Disney parks, I’ve experienced the joy of getting the autographs signed as a kid, and it was the most exciting part of the park experience. The magic of spotting your favorite characters in the park is an experience that never disappoints. However, it certainly helps if you have a guide to navigate the character meeting points, just in case you miss them on your park tour. You also wouldn’t want to keep looping around the park several times to locate one you’ve missed. You’ll find some of Disney’s most popular characters at Epcot, like Mickey and Minnie, Anna, Elsa, and Donald Duck.

Anna & Elsa Frozen-Disney World photo opp
Anna & Elsa Frozen-Disney World photo opp by @jonathan_wdw

Planning is vital when it comes to your characters at Epcot. It’s not just about who you meet but also about where and when the meetings occur.

Top Tip: Check the My Disney App for all the times of the day to ensure you don’t miss your meeting opportunity, as the characters have set times for their greetings.

Epcot Characters Full Location List

Disney Character (A-Z)Location In Epcot
AliceUnited Kingdom Pavilion
AnnaNorway Pavilion
AshaGazebo – World Showcase Plaza (near the Mexico Pavilion)
AuroraFrance Pavilion
BelleFrance Pavilion
Daisy DuckWorld Celebration
ElsaNorway Pavilion
FigmentImageWorks Lab
GoofyMain Entrance
JasmineMorocco Pavilion
Mary Poppins.United Kingdom
Mickey MouseDisney and Pixar Short Film Festival & Garden Grill Restaurant
Minnie MouseWorld Showcase
MoanaJourney of Water
MulanChina Pavilion
PlutoWorld Celebration Gardens & Garden Grill Restaurant
Snow WhiteGermany Pavilion
Winnie the PoohUnited Kingdom

Alice in Wonderland’s Location at Epcot

Alice in Wonderland is based around the UK Pavillion in front of her little cottage. Alice is a very popular character, especially as the United Kingdom is the second country you visit if you head anti-clockwise around Epcot. Due to its popularity and proximity to the entrance, there can often be big queues. Most people are willing to stand in a long queue at the start of their day.
location: United Kingdom

Anna & Elsa’s Location at Epcot

Anna & Elsa from Frozen are probably high on many people’s lists, so expect bigger queues for a photo and autograph here. They are both located at the Norway Pavilion in the Royal Sommerhus. If you venture clockwise from the entrance, Norway is the second country you pass. They meet in their house, which is nice and cool if you want to escape the heat.
Location: Norway Pavilion

anna frozen Epcot photo autograph
anna frozen Epcot photo autograph by @ bankzsnapsdisney

Asha’s Location at Epcot

Asha from the movie Wish is located at the gazebo in the World Showcase Plaza, near the Mexico Pavilion. Here, you can get your autograph and photo taken by a Disney Professional PhotoPass taker.
Location: Gazebo – World Showcase Plaza (near the Mexico Pavilion)

Aurora’s Location at Epcot

Aurora, the Disney Princess from Sleeping Beauty, is located in the France Pavilion, in a gazebo there.
Location: France Pavilion

Belle’s Location at Epcot

As you can imagine, Belle’s location will be a popular meet-and-greet, so be prepared to queue. You’ll find the star of Beauty and the Beast along the waterfront, in the France Pavillion, in her magical dress. This makes for a great photo opportunity.
Location: France Pavillion

Daisy Duck’s Location at Epcot

Say hello to Daisy Duck at the World Celebration area. Take your photo with the always cheerful Daisy and add her autograph to your collection.
Location: World Celebration

Figment Location at Epcot

You’ll know all about Figment if you’re a fan of the Inside Out film. You can meet Figment at the ImageWorks Lab. The ImageWorks lab is a creative plan space for the little ones near the World Nature area.
Location: ImageWorks Lab

Goofy’s Location at Epcot

Laugh with Goofy at the entrance of Epcot. His massive personality is guaranteed to make you laugh when you get your autograph and photo taken.
Location: Epcot Entrance

Goofy Photograph opportunity in Disney World Epcot
Goofy Photograph opportunity in Disney World Epcot by @bankzsnapsdisney

Princess Jasmine’s Location at Epcot

The Arabian Nights, Aladdin Princess Jasmine, can be found in the Morocco Pavilion. The Aladin film was fictionally set in Agrabhad, Bhagdad, but Morocco is the closest match.
Location: Morocco Pavillion

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Location at Epcot

Mickey and Minnie don’t meet as a pair in Epcot, although you would think they spend all their time together. Minnie lives next to the entrance to Epcot alongside her friend Goofy. Mickey’s meet-and-greet location is at the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival.
Mickey’s Location: Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival
Minnie’s Location: Epcot Entrance

Moana’s Location at Epcot

From the fantastic film Moana, you can find Moana at the Journey of Water, which is the exploration trail that opened in October 2023. You can get your photograph and autograph taken throughout the day, but check the Disney App for her times.
Location: Journey of Water

Mulan’s Location at Epcot

You can meet Mulan at the China Pavilion, in the Reflections of China temple. This is the only place you can meet Mulan in any park.
Location: China Pavilion

Pluto’s Location at Epcot

You can meet Pluto in the World Celebrations Garden. Pluto is a super fun character to catch and grab your autograph with and will be very entertaining to meet.
Location: World Celebrations Garden

Snow White’s Location at Epcot

Snow White is based around the Germany Pavilion. She’s cheery, loves a princess photograph, and shares her autograph. Be sure to check her times in the Disney App before going there.
Location: Germany Pavilion

Winnie The Pooh’s Location at Epcot

Meet the cute Disney star Winnie The Pooh at the United Kingdom Pavilion. Have a cuddle, photograph, and get your autograph with the backdrop of Christopher Robin’s storybook world.
Location: United Kingdom

Seasonal Characters and Events

During special events and holidays at Epcot, you can find characters dressed in unique outfits in event areas around the park.

Festival Appearances

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival: During this festival, Mickey and their friends dress in their best garden party clothes and are ready to greet you.

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Mickey and friends will dress up in their favorite culinary outfits around the park to celebrate the event’s food and wine festivities.

Holiday Specific Characters

Christmas Event: You can meet Santa Claus at the American Adventure Pavilion. Other Disney characters also dress in unique festive costumes and enjoy great photo opportunities.

Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays: This celebration represents the holiday traditions of different countries around the world. When this festival occurs, you’ll meet characters from their respective countries dressed in festive outfits.

Tips and Tricks

In my experience, knowing where the characters are helps in advance, and working out the timings for your autograph route will also work well. Sometimes, queueing can alter your timings for the day, so be sure to factor this into your day. Be sure to check the times for the characters on the Disney App for that particular day.

Best Times for Meetings

For characters with set times, try to be there early before their appearance. Once they have arrived, casual park visitors who haven’t planned for their photograph will also start queuing, so it’s a good way to reduce your waiting time.

Photo Opportunities

For the photo opportunities, have your camera ready and check the PhotoPass availability. I like to have a personally taken photo and a professional PhotoPass photo taken where possible. If there is a PhotoPass opportunity, don’t worry so much about taking your photo; they take some great professional photos for you. The PhotoPass is a paid service, so make sure you purchase it before you arrive at the park and join the queues.