Leave a Legacy at Epcot

By James | Last updated May 10, 2024

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As part of the Disney Millennium Celebration, Disney introduced the Leave a Legacy structure at the entrance to Epcot. The idea was that you could leave a lasting legacy of your visit to Epcot.

30 sculptured and polished granite monoliths ranging in height from 3 ft to 19 ft rise up out of the ground, imitating the supporting legs of Spaceship Earth in the background.

Each time you or your family and friends visit Epcot, there is a chance to relive those memories

Each monolith is covered in one inch square steel tiles containing either text or graphic black engraved images of guests who have visited Epcot since the new millennium. In total there was room for some 750,000 tiles.

There was an Imaging Station near Spaceship Earth where you could have a digital photo taken either alone or with a family member/friend but this has now closed.

The images were then etched onto steel tiles and attached to the monoliths. When your picture was taken, you were given an ID number which will help you locate your image on the sculpture.

It cost $35 (plus tax) for a single picture or $38 for two people on one tile with a 10% discount for Disney Annual Passholders. If you wanted a picture of 3 or more people, then you had to buy multiple tiles but there was no guarantee they would be placed together.

Note that you had to sign an agreement that you could not wear anything with a logo or symbol (no Nike baseball caps!!) and that you accepted that the sculpture might be replaced or relocated within Walt Disney World at any time and that after 20 years (2020), it may be permanently removed.

So it could be a relatively short legacy if Disney decide to revamp the entrance to Epcot.

The Leave a Legacy sculpture and the Millennium Celebration in general has proved quite controversial.

Many people feel that the combination of the giant hand with the wand and epcot logo on the side of Spaceship Earth plus the Leave a Legacy sculpture in front on it, have ruined the overall look of the park entrance (see picture of how it used to look).

However, 750,000 tiles at $35 (at least) per tile is a nice little earner in anyone’s book !!.

In 2007, Disney closed subscriptions to Leave a Legacy and started to remove the Mickey hand and star from the side of Spaceship Earth. There does not seem to be any plans to move the Leave a Legacy memorials at this time.