Walt Disney World Dining Plan Meals

By James | Last updated May 10, 2024

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As part of your dining plan, you get a certain number of credits for different meal options (see at a glance chart below for full details).

On this page you will find details of the differences between the different meal options. You can also read about how the Dining Plan works, restrictions and exclusions etc. and the different package options you can purchase.

All Disney Dining Plans are currently suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic and prices shown are those for 2020 prior to the shutdown

In principal, the different meal options are not interchangeable; for example you cannot bundle up a number of quick service credits to make a table service credit.

However you can use a higher value credit to purchase a lower value meal; for example using a table service credit to purchase a quick service meal if you wish. Obviously if you do this, you are not getting good value; you may be better off just paying for the quick service meal with cash.

All prices include tax but gratuities are not included except for Dinner Shows, Private In-Room Dining and Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Per Day/NightQuick–Service Dining PlanDining PlanDeluxe Dining Plan
Adult Cost per Night$55.00$78.01$119.00
Child Cost per Night$26.00$30.51$47.50
Number of Snacks222
Quick Service Meals213 §
Table Service Meals13 §
Drinks per meal ‡111
Refillable Resort MugYesYesYes

§ With the Deluxe Dining Plan you can have up to three quick service or table service meals or a combination of both per day.

You can choose between a non-alcoholic or an alcoholic drink with your meal.

This is how you can use your various meal options:

  • snack credits can only be used to purchase snacks
  • quick service credits can be used to purchase quick service meals or snacks
  • table service credits can be used to purchase anything, but some meal options require two credits instead of one


Snacks can be purchased at many locations including quick service counters, at the various carts you will find throughout the theme parks and in the sundry gift shops.

A snack is typically a single item with a value of less than $4 such as a frozen ice cream, piece of fruit, 20oz bottle of Coke®, Diet Coke®, Sprite® or Dasani Water®, 12oz coffee, hot chocolate or hot tea, single serving of popcorn or medium snack bag, medium fountain soft drink, pre-packaged milk or juice.

If you find yourself with unused credits at the end of your vacation, then one way to use them up is to purchase snacks for the journey home. Remember, all you dining plan credits expire at midnight on the day you checkout.

On May 31, 2015, Disney introduced changes relating to snacks. Guests are now able to substitute any eligible dessert or non-alcoholic beverage for a snack as part of a single transaction. They can also substitute a quick service meal for up to three snacks, again within a single transaction.

Quick Service Snacks are now defined as any single serving sized item, irrespective of price. Snacks now include all single serve non-alcoholic beverages (excluding souvenir cups), soup, toppings for existing snacks, ice cream including novelties, sides and most breakfast items.

Quick-Service Meals

Quick service meals can be purchased at the quick service counters in any of the theme parks or at the food courts in some Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

For breakfast you can choose fruit juice, an entrée and a non-alcoholic beverage or a combo meal with a single serving of juice or non-alcoholic beverage.

For lunch or dinner you can choose an entrée, a desert and a non-alcoholic beverage or a combo meal plus a dessert and single serving of juice or non-alcoholic beverage.

Table Service Meals

You will find table service restaurants in all the Walt Disney World Resort hotels (except for the Value Resorts) and all the theme parks.

It is a good idea to make a reservation if you are planning to eat at a table service restaurant as they are popular and often tend to fill up quickly.

For breakfast you can choose fruit juice, an entrée and a non-alcoholic beverage or a full buffet.

For lunch or dinner you can choose an entrée, a desert and a non-alcoholic beverage or a full buffet. If you are on the Deluxe plan, table service meals also include an appetiser.

Table service credits can also be used to purchase any of the other meal options described below, but sometimes you need to use two credits instead of one so if you wish to eat at a signature restaurant, you may need to use more than one days supply of credits unless you are on one of the more expensive plans that give you two table service credits per day.

Character Dining

You can use table service credits to purchase Character Dining experiences and most character dining is equivalent to one credit but meals like Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom require two credits.

Note that gratuities are no longer included with character dining except for Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Signature Restaurants

If you want to eat at one of Disney’s signature restaurants then you will need to use two table service meal credits so you need to weigh up whether they are actually worth it.

For breakfast you can choose fruit juice, an entrée and a non-alcoholic beverage or a full buffet.

For lunch or dinner you can choose an entrée, a desert and a non-alcoholic beverage or a full buffet.

Gratuities not included. Note that signature restaurants have a dress code; i.e. Business casual so no cut-offs or torn clothing.

Dinner Shows

You can also use two table service meal credits to attend one of the Disney Dinner Shows.

The available dinner shows include the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ (seasonal) at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground and Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Show at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

For the 9:30pm Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review you get category 1 seating (best view) and for the others, you get category 2 or 3 seating (not as good a view).

With the dinner shows, gratuities are included.

Private In-Room Dining/Pizza Delivery

If you want your own private in-room dining or a pizza delivery, then these are both equivalent to two table service meals. With in-room dining and pizza delivery, gratuities are included.

For in-room dining, meal menu entitlements are the same as table service restaurants.

For pizza delivery, you get one pizza entrée, two desserts and two non-alcoholic beverages but you must order using two adult table service meal credits.

Grand Gathering Experience

If you are in a group of 8 or more people, then you might like to consider a Disney Grand Gathering Experience.

Both the International Dinner & IllumiNations Dessert Reception at Epcot and the Safari Celebration Dinner at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are equivalent to two table service meals (unless you are on the Premium or Platinum plan when they are one credit).

However, the Good Morning Character Breakfast at Magic Kingdom only requires one table service meal.

Gratuities are included and reservations are required. Note only available on selected days.