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Guide Books and Maps of Florida

Though there are plenty of internet sites like the Florida Review and Travel Guide that will give you information about Florida, the regions, the parks, restaurants, hotels etc., you cannot beat a good travel guide book or map to take with you on your trip, to read on the plane or keep in the glove box of your car.

On our guide book pages you will find carefully selected books for the various destinations in Florida, from the literally hundreds of books written about the State - Let the Florida Review and Travel Guide help you pick out the best books depending on what you want to see and do

To read our reviews, just click on the book cover or its title. Alternatively, see what Amazon recommends at (USA) or (UK).

We have split the guide books into a number of different headings depending upon the type of vacation you are planning.

  • Florida Guide Books - covering the whole of the state of Florida including travelling around by road or rail
  • Walt Disney World - guide books specific to Walt Disney World (but often cover other theme parks in Central Florida)
  • Imagineering - covering the history and design of Walt Disney World plus secrets, tips and trivia for the hardened Disney fan
  • Universal Studios, Discovery Cove, SeaWorld and NASA Kennedy Space Center - guide books covering the other theme parks
  • Cruising - cruising from Florida to the Caribbean or Mexico
  • Property & Retirement - for people planning on buying a timeshare, property to live in or rent or as a retirement home
  • Outdoors - outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, boating and baseball
  • Publishers - books by specific publishers like the Disney Editions official Birnbaum Travel Guides, Wiley who publish both Frommer's and The Unofficial GuideĀ® series, Fodors, Passporter and Dorling Kindersley

Note that internet prices are typically quoted without delivery/shipping charges though most internet book sellers offer free shipping above a certain order value.

Also look out for special deal prices when you buy two or more books as part of a special companion bundle offered at a discount.

For each book, we show a thumbnail image of the cover to help identify it, the name of the book, its ISBN number, the author, the publisher and the date of publication.

A lot of these books are published on an annual basis so make sure you pick up the very latest edition for up to the minute information.