The Best Walt Disney World Souvenirs

By James | Last updated May 10, 2024

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We’re here to break down some of the best Walt Disney World Souvenirs you can collect on your next Disney Orlando holiday. You will have a wide range of souvenirs to choose from. Whether you’re looking to remember your trip with pins, tickets and souvenirs or gift something special to friends and family.

To round up the most popular souvenirs of all time, you have the iconic Mickey Mouse ears (and Minnie Mouse ears) or the range of collectible pins that many visitors proudly showcase around the parks. These items aren’t just popular, they are the iconic representation of a true Disney Fan, often widely shared on social media to be the envy of all your friends. The best Disney souvenirs are preferential for each individual but let’s run through the full list in this article.

Disney World Character Merchandise

Walt Disney World offers plenty of souvenirs but if you have a favorite Disney film, you’ll find lots of Disney World character merchandise around the parks. Some parks steer towards park-specific merchandise based around the park themes. Like Animal Kingdon to Avatar and Star Wars to Hollywood Studios (as the rides are based there). Be sure to shop in the parks that match your favorite Disney themes. If you are looking for specific character merchandise, try to identify the rides that may be associated with your character in the park. For example, you will find plenty of Toy Story gifts at the Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios.

Mickey Mouse Ears

The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears are widely regarded as essential Disney memorabilia. To be worn at all times around the parks. They first appeared in the Mickey Mouse Club in 1955. The classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears remain a must-have item and are available in a range of styles and designs and are available at most stores.

Mum and child looking out over the Disney park
Mum and child looking out over the Disney park

Character Plush Toys

Plush toys are always a popular souvenir that captures the fun and cuteness of Disney’s characters. Giving you a soft, huggable piece of the theme park to cherish. In the Disney World Parks and Disney Springs, you will find everything from Mickey and Minnie to the latest Pixar movies, heroes and villains. Some of the best selections of soft toys can be found in the World of Disney shop at Disney Springs. Another great location is the Magic Emporium at the Magic Kingdom.

Disney World Souvenirs

At Walt Disney World, you have the chance to create souvenirs that are solely your own through a number of personalization options. There are also some special events throughout the year that offer limited-edition customizations. One example is the different festivals at Epcot. These keepsakes can make your Disney experience that much more special and you can be Disney proud wearing your unique keepsake.

Personalized T-shirts

At shops throughout the parks, you can have T-shirts personalized with your name, year, or unique text of your choice. In Disney Springs, for example, Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories in the Marketplace offers a range of personalized clothing and accessory options.

Engraved Disney Jewelry

For a more elegant gift keepsake, several locations throughout Walt Disney World offer engraving services for jewelry. This includes pendants, bracelets, and rings. These can often be completed on the same day, giving you a stylish and meaningful memento to wear. If you can’t make a park, Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories at Disney Springs offers this service.

Walt Disney World Park Exclusives

When visiting Walt Disney World, exclusive souvenirs are a must-have to commemorate your magical experience. Exclusive souvenirs are most commonly found at special events. These include Disney Birthday celebrations, seasonal calendar events, and festival events. These items are specially crafted and available only within the park. This makes them unique and highly sought after by Disney master collectors.

Special Edition Pins

Disney collectors will find new pins throughout the year, on seasonal dates, and at special events. Keep an eye out for anniversary editions or pins that represent a specific celebration, such as the opening of a new attraction. These pins can be some of the most memorable pins in the collection. Especially remembering a special holiday or event that happened during the purchase period. There are several Pin Trading Posts and gift shops throughout the parks for you to purchase your pins.

Artwork and Figurines

There are a range of sketches, prints, paintings and beautifully crafted figurines of beloved characters available to buy at shops throughout Disney.

You’ll find a number of these shops dotted around the parks and there are also some stores at the resorts. The custom artwork and figurines are all park exclusives and would only be available inside Walt Disney World.

Afforable Disney Souvenirs

Some of the most affordable Disney souvenirs tend to be in the form of plushy toys and pins. These do happen to be some of the most collectible items purchased from Disney shops. If you’re in the Disney area, you will also find several ‘non-official’ souvenir stores on the main roads where you can purchase your Disney items a lot cheaper.

One tactic the Disney discount savvy shoppers do before going on holiday is purchasing the Mickey and Minnie ears and custom t-shirts online before the holiday. This generally offers some great savings, as you can imagine the park prices tend to be slightly higher than your online stores, even with the postage included.